“Free enterprise is basically war,” says Keith Chambers, founder and president of The Chambers Group. “If you are among those who don’t believe this, you are likely to become one of its casualties.” Keith’s innovative techniques and successes have kept his clients from becoming casualties for over thirty years and have made him one of the nation’s leading marketing consultants for Fortune 100 brands.

Keith has assisted more than five hundred goods and service providers in formulating their marketing approach, including Clorox, Del Monte, Campbell’s, Coppertone, Arm & Hammer, Sparkletts, Hormel, Scotch-Brite, and Equal. He has helped companies as varied as Claritin and the Miss America Pageant develop and convey their product message to the consumer.

Graduating from the Arizina State University with an undergraduate degree in Advertising and Marketing, Keith established The Chambers Group in 1974. The firm began as a successful package design studio for brands such as Coca Cola Foods, Van de Kamps, and Minute Maid. It soon became clear, though, that his clients needed more than dynamic packaging; they required a comprehensive and cohesive marketing strategy. The Chambers Group expanded its services to include naming and positioning.

A turning point came in 1988, when Sega approached him for assistance with their package design image for a new high-powered home video game platform. When told the company had yet to name their product, Keith saw an opportunity. His group created the brand Sega Genesis; by its second year, Sega Genesis was exceeding $500 million in sales. Instantly, The Chambers Group redefined itself into a unique creative marketing company, helping clients to fully develop the branding and positioning of their products.

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Considered unorthodox by many, The Chambers Group brought originality to their marketing approach. “In the old days, a client would tell us what he wanted,” Keith explains. “Today, we tell him what he needs.” The relationship with the consumer has changed, as well. Rather than develop a campaign and then measure the consumer response to it, Keith consults the consumer first to define their needs, ensuring they are met in the new campaign.

Keith brings innovation and fierce loyalty to each of his clients, ensuring they are able to survive the constantly changing battlefield of the marketplace. “If you are part of the change, you’ll be successful. Bystanders will get their butts kicked sooner or later.” His best inspiration is the fear of failure. “Every problem has a solution, especially in marketing,” Keith says.

The Chambers Group (chambersgroup.com) is headquartered in Los Angeles and has offices in Minneapolis and Philadelphia. Keith’s proudest achievement, though, is his relationship with his sons, Branden and Eric. Together, they have established Chambers Brothers Entertainment, developing films such as Cheech & Chongs Animated Movie, and programming for Spike TV  and others. Keith has begun work on his next book and looks forward to the day when he can conduct business from his surfboard.